A customized wellness plan for your company

42923672 - happy manager looking at colleague during conversationNearly three-quarters of companies in the most recent Society for Human Resource Management’s employee benefits survey said they offer some type of wellness program or plan. It’s easy to see why.

Research shows a strong link between wellness initiatives and lower health care costs, greater productivity and employee satisfaction. Employees participating in wellness programs, research shows, are less likely to experience health issues caused by work-related stress and more likely to fit healthy food choices and exercise into busy schedules.

These benefits, however, are found in quality wellness plans customized to the workforces they are created for. When it comes to employee wellness initiatives, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. Companies need outcome-based wellness programs designed to address the unique needs and challenges of their unique organization. And they need quality data to monitor whether these programs are achieving specified goals. At The Hays Companies, we are industry experts who embrace the challenge of creating employee wellness plans that work.

At Hays, we deliver cost-effective health, work/life, voluntary and other benefit programs to clients worldwide. From healthcare coverage to life insurance and beyond, our expert guidance equally supports your goals of administering effective employee benefits and managing expenses. We look forward to hearing from you.