We can help your company manage the increasing costs of health coverage

39554244_MMany employers are bracing for another year of increases in the cost of offering health insurance coverage to their employees. Surveys by the National Business Group on Health and other organizations show that many large companies are expecting premium increases in the range of 5 percent to 6 percent.

Continued increases in the cost of offering health insurance coverage to their employees has many companies focusing on cost management and containment strategies, according to the 22nd annual Best Practices in Health Care Employer Survey by Willis Towers Watson. Smaller employers, which don’t have the group purchasing power of larger companies are especially concerned. While acknowledging that health insurance coverage is vital for recruiting and retaining quality employees, many employers are growing increasingly dismayed over the annual cost increases.

Employers are searching for a variety of cost-containment solutions, such as employing telemedicine, investing in wellness programs and tapping health care networks that strike the best balance between quality care and cost savings. But which solution is the right one for your company?

At The Hays Companies, we offer customized cost-effective health, work/life, voluntary and other benefit programs to clients worldwide. From healthcare coverage to life insurance and beyond, our expert guidance supports your goals of administering employee benefits and managing expenses. Our team of specialists work hard to keep our clients’ medical plan renew costs as low as possible. Each company is unique, as are our plans to help them with this important aspect of their business.

Contact our Employee Benefits division to find out how we can help your company with cost effective health and wellness strategies. Reach out to us and a local Hays specialist will be in touch. We look forward to talking with you!

Let us help your organization manage its unique risks


As a business grows, so does its exposure to hazards and events that can lead to significant financial losses. How well is your enterprise managing risk? Risks that aren’t being properly managed can threaten an organization’s ability to grow and succeed.

The best way to control your company’s or organization’s exposure to risk is to identify the hazards of your operations and implement risk control programs to minimize the probability and severity of potential losses from these hazards. Risk management is definitely a complex task and one that requires a customized approach to address the unique nature of companies and organizations. That’s where we can help companies of all sizes and industries.

Hays Companies has an internal network of experienced Risk Control professionals to help with controlling risks associated with your operations. Think of us as your single, go-to “peace of mind” super group. Our Risk Control professionals are highly qualified in the protection of people, assets and the environment. Let our team of industry experts design custom, comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to let you sleep at night.

Let us do the work!

With Hays on your team, you will not fail. We are your trusted consultants. We want to help make your job easier! 
Employee Benefits are important for employee retention. We want to make your job easier by handling questions, providing consultations, and finding you the best price the market has to offer. We will keep you up to speed on all ACA changes and compliance regulations. We have a team of experts in the industry who come from all parts of the industry and bring difference personalities and perspectives to solve your problems.
Trust us.
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Why Hays?

Hays Companies makes employee benefits EASY & Affordable. We are here because it is all about our clients. Our loyalty is to YOU and helping you keep health care costs low and employee retention high.
Find out how other companies are starting to learn the Hays difference and see for yourself!

How to provide outstanding employee benefits

11267120 - employee benefits folders, health insurance etcEmployee benefits are an essential component of recruitment and retention for businesses across Utah. It’s likely among the top subjects you’ll discuss with serious prospects. Increasingly, young professionals are looking to be a part of companies that not only are passionate about the work they do but about the people who drive real change in the marketplace. They want to work for a business that invests in employee benefits because it’s the right thing to do.

More than that, employee benefits create a real incentive for great performance at work. When team members recognize that you care for them and their families, they are likely to go the extra mile. They will appreciate the fact you provide their loved ones with high-quality health care, dental insurance, vision coverage and more. Additionally, they are more likely to refer talented friends and family to apply to work within your organization.

There are few downsides to providing great employee benefits. The challenge is identifying the right partners to help you offer the best package possible.

Tips for acquiring top employee benefits coverage

The act of obtaining great employee benefits for your team is equal parts science and art. On the one hand, you must manage company resources wisely and find the best financial deal possible. On the other hand, you must make the investment in benefits to ensure a stable and invested workforce. Here are a few strategies to adopt as you manage around those two objectives.

Put yourself in your team’s shoes. This isn’t tied to any financial metrics, but it’s an important consideration nonetheless. If you were seeking work, would you submit your resume to a company that offers poor health insurance and few other benefits? Probably not. Use that lens to evaluate the employee benefits choices you and your team make.

You’ll be tasked with some tough decisions. For companies of a dozen or more employees, health insurance can be extremely expensive, so it’s financially prudent to manage your budget closely. At the same time, it’s critical to avoid decisions that prioritize the bottom line over employee well-being.

Do your homework. There is an array of benefits available to you, but finding the right benefits partner can be challenging. Our company is built to provide you with a customized benefits program that fits the needs of your organization. We specialize in health-care coverage, life insurance and more. Our deep understanding of how to use and analyze data enables us to craft strategic plans unique to you.

Find key advantages. One of the perks of working with us is the ability to use our large size as leverage in negotiating the best rates possible. Whether you work in a small office in the suburbs or have offices in multiple countries around the world, we are capable of assisting with your benefits needs.

Consult the experts. Ask your employees about the benefits they receive today. Are they satisfied with the care they are getting? Do they desire some benefits more than others? Are there gaps you can work to fill? Once you’ve heard from team members, you can bring that information to our experts. We’ll help you create a plan that addresses those concerns while remaining true to your budget and bottom line. Collaboration is often one of the best ways to glean valuable information that can benefit all workers within your company.

Make the call. It might be tempting to delay benefits decisions as long as possible, holding out for an even better deal than the one you’ve identified. But reality dictates it’s important to act once a plan is in place. We will provide with all of the information you need to make a good decision for your organization.

To find the best employee benefits Salt Lake City, contact Hays Companies of Utah at 612-333-3323. We look forward to serving you and your business.

Premiums On The Rise

“Major health insurers in some states are seeking increases as high as 30% or more for premiums on 2018 Affordable Care Act plans, according to new federal data that provide the broadest view so far of the turmoil across exchanges as companies try to anticipate Trump administration policies.” – Wall Street Journal
How does Hays maintain our 4% average trend? Find out! http://hayscompaniesutah.com/

Why your company needs a trustworthy insurance broker

54624094 - commercial airplane flying above clouds in dramatic sunset lightAcross the U.S., employers routinely search for an insurance broker with the best health insurance benefits and risk assessments. Sorting through each insurance broker is a major challenge, which is one of the reasons businesses fail to get the best deal or service available.

Our background as an insurance broker tells us that it’s possible to do better—a lot better. As a data-driven risk management company, we are committed to providing our customers with more comprehensive analysis than any other provider in the marketplace.

The search for an insurance broker doesn’t have to be painful. Our company is especially proud of the fact that while the national average cost for annual health care per employee rises at about 8.7 percent each year, our rates are substantially lower in the 4.7 percent range. This helps businesses ensure they are sustainable for the long run.

Top questions to ask your insurance broker

An insurance broker that is worth working with should have an extensive knowledge of available products and accompanying rates in the insurance marketplace. Additionally, your insurance broker needs to be able to provide additional services such as:

  • human resources administration
  • benefit enrollment
  • payroll services
  • employee wellness

Our team provides this suite of services because we recognize the importance of having a comprehensive broker in your back pocket. Managing your risk means having go-to providers for the services you depend upon most.

When managing risk within your insurance portfolio, look for a broker that understands the nuances of insurance and can design cost-effective solutions to meet your needs. Within our company, we have deep knowledge of numerous insurance categories, including:

  • Aviation
  • Casualty
  • Executive risk
  • Property
  • Surety

Risk control is especially valuable because uncertainty can cost businesses to lose a lot of sleep, not to mention a lot of money. With top-shelf insurance, you can shield your organization from the hazards of your industry and adopt risk-control programs that limit your exposure to those threats in the first place. Our company has a deep understanding of risks that face an array of industries and can provide insights on best practices based on trends in your industry. We can structure programs to ensure your risk stays within an acceptable range.

Take aviation as an example of our insurance expertise. This industry is extraordinarily complex, and the results of a failure on the factory floor or elsewhere in the supply chain can be truly awful. Lives can be lost if an aircraft suddenly experiences a problem mid-flight. Vigilance is essential at every stage of the aviation industry, and we can provide the insurance services that protect the integrity of your business. Using our knowledge of the industry, we will manage multifaceted scenarios and negotiate rates that are competitive and affordable for your organization. We have worked with aviation underwriters for years and will help you attain expansive coverage.

Another example is property insurance, which protects your employees, resources and competitive edge. We can provide services such as claims advocacy, engineering and loss control, and property placement. Each business is different. Some have risks on land, others on water or in the air. Whether you are based in the U.S. or have a major global presence with offices in another country, we will ensure each contingency has an accompanying plan.

If you are looking for a dependable insurance broker Salt Lake City with deep insights into insurance and risk assessment for businesses, turn to Hays Companies of Utah. We look forward to customizing plans that will be an ideal fit for your company. Call 612-333-3323 for more information.

Group coverage for associations, franchises and other organizations

49923062 - group business people celebrating teamwork team conceptWhen it comes to insurance, there definitely is “strength in numbers.” Hays has the experience and knowledge needed to deliver cost-effective and better insurance coverage to the members of your association or business organization. We can help your group create a new insurance program or improve an existing one.

We design group insurance programs to provide more certainty of insurance availability, the right coverage and lower costs to your members. At Hays, we make the process simple by offering customized solutions and a variety of services including:

—Due Diligence

—Development of Proprietary Web-Based Communication Platforms

—Development of Insurance Coverage & Rating Parameters

—Customized Billing

—Superior Customer Support

Associations, franchises, professional organizations and other groups deserve access to quality insurance coverage at a fair price. At Hays, we work hard to provide every group with an insurance plan that addresses its unique needs. Email us today to learn more about group insurance plans at specialtypractice@hayscompanies.com. Hays Companies is one of the fastest growing risk management, insurance and employee benefits advisors in the country. Learn more about what our company can do for you at this link.

Custom, comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for managing risk

32529977 - risk managementThink businesses that have primarily office workers don’t have to be as concerned about workplace safety? Think again. Workplace injuries happen in all kinds of companies. In fact, a number of injuries involve workers who spend much of their time behind a desk — not at a construction site or in a manufacturing facility.

As a business grows, so does its risk of costly on-the-job accidents. Nationwide, occupational injuries cost U.S. companies nearly $170 billion each year. Worker injuries and accidents can hurt and even cripple a growing company. That’s why preventing them through an effective workplace safety plan should be a priority for even the smallest of companies.

At The Hays Companies, we’re here to help your organization better manage a host of different types of operational risks, including risk of employee injury. We help companies identify hazards and exposures inherent in their operations and create and implement risk-control programs to minimize the probability and severity of potential losses from these hazards. Every company has unique risks. We can help your business create a customized plan to address and mitigate them.

Employee wellness, done right

19202459_SWith health care costs on the rise, employers are exploring new and innovative ways to motivate employees to be more health-conscious. An effective wellness program has many potential benefits, including a healthier workforce, reduced health care costs, increased employee engagement and greater productivity. Thinking of creating a wellness initiative at your business? We invite you to attend Hays Companies’ complimentary seminar, Wellness Done Right, on July 18, 2017.

This seminar will cover the most important concerns for an employer sponsoring a wellness program. It will touch on three aspects of wellness programs —general wellness, financial wellness, and wellness compliance. Our featured speakers include:

Mariangela Noyes. An Account Executive for Metlife, Mariangela focuses on the sale and successful delivery of their PlanSmart programs. She manages strong relationships with clients by providing financial well-being programs that complement their benefits programs and fit their needs.

Dave Anderson. The West Regional Manager of WellRight, a leading provider of employee wellness solutions, Dave has experience in sales and marketing strategies in both the technology and healthcare industries.

Tad Mitchell. President & CEO of WellRight, Tad also is co-author of 21 Habits: A Wellness Survival Guide.

Nick Karls. Nick is an Associate Director in the Employee Benefits division for Hays Companies and created Hays CoreCompliance, a web-based tool for comprehensive compliance reviews of employee welfare benefit plans. He has developed an expertise in consumer health care and finance. As a mediator, he has resolved issues between Minnesota residents and businesses by monitoring these businesses for compliance with Minnesota’s consumer protection statutes.

The seminar will be at the Salt Lake Marriott City Center, 220 State Street. A full breakfast will be served from 8 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. The seminar runs from 8:30 a.m. to 9:15 a.m., followed by a Q&A from 9:15 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. We look forward to seeing you there! To register, go to this link.